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About LGR

Global Expertise

LGR Telecommunications (LGR) is a specialist solutions provider with an almost-exclusive focus on the global telecommunications industry.  For more than a decade, LGR has built an enviable reputation for the provision and management of the world’s foremost end-to-end Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence systems at leading international operators. The phenomenal success of LGR’s solutions has seen the company grow into a truly global enterprise, working 24/7 to provide strategic insight to major network operations such as Telstra, Vodafone, True Corp and the MTN Group.

Global Presence

LGR is a privately owned company with offices on three continents. Collaboration between the LGR Head Office based in Centurion, near Johannesburg, South Africa, and Australia in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States is facilitated by means of constant access to remote communication and a closely integrated and managed departmental structure. Although the primary hub for ongoing development of LGR’s sophisticated solution suite is located in South Africa, cross-continental management from Australia ensures a focussed and dedicated development effort from all teams.

Global Value

LGR collaborates closely with global Customer Support teams and key vendor partners to ensure that their solutions leverage the company’s deep telco experience. LGR is consistently pioneering new areas of competitive advantage for Customers, and have extended their analytic skills to service the fraud and crime prevention and monitoring industries.