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Company Highlights

LGR has pioneered new frontiers in data warehousing and received numerous awards and accolades in successfully doing so.  Here are some select highlights from recent activities. 


Infrastructure Upgrade
LGR was chosen to provide professional services to help out with major infrastructure upgrades for two of our Customers - Telstra and Vodafone Fiji. Both operators have experienced significant growth in the data volume due to growth in subscribers and also from changes to usage arising from higher data usage. These updates included a database software upgrade to an 11gR2 operating system and an upgrade for all LGR applications to a 64 bit platform. 

The latest V5 release of our CDRlive ETL software, with the codename “Traceability”, was successfully deployed at four networks during the second half of 2013. Some of the new key features of CDRlive V5 include:

  • Individual File/CDR tracking in CDRlive: all files and records received from the network are accounted for and can easily be identified for reverse engineering and troubleshooting.
  • Detecting missing and duplicate files/CDRs: missing and duplicate files can easily be identified, as a complete audit trail is available for each feed.
  • Identifying network file latency: late landing files can be detected immediately.
  • Expressive error reporting: total accountability is available for every file and record received from the network.
  • System performance reporting: the performance of each individual process as well as the entire system is visible in this new version of CDRlive.

Business Intelligence Solution
LGR has helped Vodafone Fiji achieve one of their goals; a high level of business intelligent maturity.  Vodafone started their journey with a very basic ad-hoc reporting capability using operation systems. The deployment of a brand new BI solution has enhanced Vodafone’s reporting capabilities with a real-time fully functional Data Warehouse using CDRlive. The excellent collaboration between the Vodafone Fiji team and the LGR delivery team allowed for a successful deployment. The top Executives have now access to up-to-date information at their finger tips with key business performance measures delivered through dashboards directly to their mobile devices. This will undoubtedly help Vodafone maintain their leadership as the top Mobile operator in Fiji!


Smartphone consumer application
To offer networks a new way to enhance their Customer experience LGR introduced the StarCare smartphone platform, a software system that securely connects the Customer through a smartphone to the various backend network systems.  This enables sophisticated self-service to be performed and to bypass the complex and often difficult-to-use USSD protocols.  In addition, CDRlive's Customer Value Scoring Model adds Customer differentiation and enables the network to tailor the application to each Customer.  Other vital marketing and technical services can be built into the applications, and all major smartphone platforms are supported.  The technology developed by LGR allows fast network roll-out enabling the network to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Data Intelligence
When mobile phones are more than just a device to talk or send SMS, Customer behaviour analysis based only on call or SMS events provides an incomplete picture.  In this age of smartphone dominance with users spending more and more time browsing the Internet and running apps that consume data, data usage analysis assumes ever-increasing importance.  In 2012, LGR introduced Mobile Data Intelligence (MDI) to address this gap.  The Deep Packet Inspection logs from the Network Probes are processed to glean valuable information such as mobile app, protocol, websites visited, location, etc.  These new data usage dimensions are combined with traditional usage to produce a 360°view of Customer behaviour.

CDRlive Everywhere
LGR launched the much-anticipated BI product Everywhere running on the MicroStrategy BI platform to replace the legacy CDR Insight application.  The new product gives Executives the ability to pull up key metrics quickly as well as on the move with the help of a tablet.  Operational Managers can perform powerful analytical queries at the speed of thought.

Infrastructure Upgrade
LGR was chosen to provide professional services to help out with major infrastructure upgrades for two of our Customers - Telstra and Vodafone Fiji.  Both operators have experienced significant growth in the data volume due to growth in subscribers and also from changes to usage arising from higher data usage.


True Mobile switches on CDRlive 
True Mobile found out first-hand the blistering speed of ETL processing using CDRlive.  The system gathers operational data from OSS/BSS systems alongside the traditional CDRs and has been implemented as their Enterprise Data Warehouse.  True now has a system capable of delivering deep information to business users on-time and accurately, a far cry from the legacy system that was often plagued by processing delays, often with Executives waiting weeks to get critical reports.

CDRlive on 64-bit platform 
LGR launched the 64-bit compatible version of CDRlive to enable use of memory and I/O resources in the underlying servers much more effectively, significantly boosting the processing power of the application. The in-memory ETL processing is now a lot more powerful, with the ability to cache much larger amounts of data.  This opens up a wide range of possibilities in infrastructure to support a particular volume of data processing.  Scalability is possible both vertically and horizontally, giving the option to either consolidate all ETL processing to a small number of powerful servers or use a large number of commodity servers - without compromising processing speed.

MicroStrategy Partnership 
LGR Telecommunications and MicroStrategy have formed a global partnership, bringing together a unique combination of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for Telecommunication operators.  LGR has incorporated the rich functionality offered by the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server into market specific packaged products that can be implemented in an EDW environment as an off-the-shelf BI application.  The synergy brought by combining CDRlive and Intelligent Server has resulted in solutions that have significant impact in information delivery, from Operational Managers to top Executives in the organisation.


CDRlive V4 released on Teradata 
LGR launched CDRlive V4 on Teradata, providing Customers with the additional choice of selecting Teradata DW appliances as the backend database.  This brings the highly successful CDRlive ETL and data warehouse software onto a platform that is traditionally very popular amongst Telco operators for their EDW environment.  The initial benchmark performed with CDRlive on Teradata delivered some very remarkable results.

Advanced Traceability 
Legal authorities and entities such as Corporate Security often use CDR data as part of their evidence in sophisticated investigations.  This provides the operator an additional channel to monetise their data.  The legal system in many parts of the world has accepted that CDRs are very useful evidence and they are admissible in courts.  However, with CDR data being provided as evidence, a question arises as to whether the quality of data can be relied upon.  Evidence is often presented to prove a mobile device was in a particular location at a particular time, so poor quality data can undermine the case seriously.  To bolster the reliability and quality of CDR data, LGR has introduced Advanced Traceability features.  These ensure the ability to audit CDRs end-to-end, and give operators peace of mind that this new ability to monetise the data does not involve added risks.

Teradata Alliance 
LGR Telecommunications and Teradata formed a global alliance, bringing together two market leaders within the international communications industry.  Working together, LGR and Teradata now offer Customers an end-to-end solution for Telecom Data Warehouses, combining telco-grade ETL processes with robust, highly scalable data warehouse appliances.  Add to this unmatched analysis and reporting and the solution speaks for itself as to the advantages it delivers.


CDRlive V4 released
LGR launched CDRlive V4, the next major release of its highly successful CDRlive ETL and data warehouse software.  Representing the first ground-up redesign of the product since inception, this next-generation software delivers a major leap forward in terms of speed, scalability and manageability.

Pioneering SNA
LGR pioneered new frontiers with the inclusion of Social Network Analysis (SNA) as a module in the CDRlive solution.  Developed in partnership with SAS Institute and Aspen Analytics, the SNA solution has undergone extensive benchmark tests at two large US-based operators, readying it for full production deployment in 2010.

Surpasses 250m Subscribers under Management
LGR reached a notable landmark in its history when the total number of subscribers under management at its various CDRlive sites surpassed 250,000,000.  Including the largest network operators on three continents, it represents a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% over a decade.

Big in Japan
As part of its continued high profile rollout of Oracle Exadata, LGR headlined the launch of Oracle’s Database Machine in Tokyo, Japan, followed by a tour through numerous APAC countries.  LGR also provided Exadata references and site visits for more than 25 Fortune 500 companies during the course of 2009.


Launch customer for Oracle Exadata
LGR’s role as a lead beta-tester of Oracle Exadata became highly public when referenced extensively in Oracle's launch, including videos as part of Larry Ellison’s OpenWorld 2008 keynote.  LGR simultaneously announced the ‘win’ of the world’s first telco customer on Oracle Exadata 

Oracle DW Architect of the Year
LGR’s continued leadership in the provisioning of the world’s largest data warehouse systems, coupled with its much-publicized success with Oracle Exadata, resulted in Oracle awarding its Chief Architect with the prestigious Data Warehouse Architect of the Year award.

Advanced Analytics in production
LGR launched one of its Advanced Analytics modules for Competitive Flowshare analysis at AT&T.  Based on the CDRlive database, it maps key competitor stats (e.g. market share, churn, share of net adds etc.) at a national, regional, market and sub-market level with five 9s accuracy. 

World record processing stats
With the 1.2 Petabyte DW system having reached maturity at its flagship US Customer, LGR took production load speeds to new highs.  From an average load of 45,000 records per second, the system has been pushed to processing speeds of more than 150,000 records per second, all in real time.


World’s largest Commercial Data Warehouse
LGR has installed the world’s largest commercial data warehouse in production with its flagship US Customer.  Consisting of two geographically redundant sites, it boasts more than 1.2 Petabytes of database space across a massive Oracle 10gR2 / HP 9000 Superdome platform.

Launch of iPhone
AT&T launched a global phenomenon when it becomes the first operator in the world to offer the Apple iPhone.  CDRlive is naturally the database of record for all iPhone reporting to AT&T and Apple, and continues to be to this day for later versions of the device (2G, 3G and 3GS, 4G and 4GS).

Launch of CDRinsight
LGR and Oracle partnered on the development of CDRinsight, a revolutionary Business Intelligence platform based on Oracle BI EE.  Designed from the ground up for telecommunications operators, it offers the benefits of an out-the-box solution with a proven pedigree in the telco industry.

Lead beta-tester on the SAGE program
LGR’s global leadership in data warehousing led Oracle to select it as a lead beta-tester for a revolutionary new data warehouse platform, code-named SAGE.  Benchmark tests quickly show 20x performance improvements on what ultimately became Oracle Exadata.