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Apr 14 2014

Unlocking the value of Big Data to your business

As mobility, big data and mobile broadband continue to grow in significance, they are changing the personal- and enterprise-computing landscape. At the same time, data monetisation is becoming an emerging discussion topic, because each of these trends has potential to provide extraordinary value for businesses. The smart businesses - large or small - are already doing it and making money.

Jul 23 2012

LGR launches CDRlive Everywhere

LGR launched the BI product Everywhere running on the MicroStrategy BI platform to replace the legacy CDR Insight application. The new product gives Executives the ability to pull up key metrics quickly as well as on the move with the help of a tablet. Operational Managers can perform powerful analytical queries at the speed of thought.

Mar 09 2011

LGR and Teradata formally announce their global alliance:

LGR and Teradata have formally announced their global alliance, bringing together the power of the CDRlive solution suite with the highly scalable Teradata Data Warehouse platforms. The companies will partner in the delivery of high-performance business intelligence and analytics systems that allow operators to gain real-time intelligence on Customer usage and experience.

May 31 2010

A Gold Mine for Telcos

The work of AT&T Labs, using data from the LGR-provisioned CDRlive data warehouse, features in a recent MIT Technology Review article on CDR data analysis.

Oct 17 2009

Scaling the Data Warehouse

Data warehouses aren’t just exploding in size, they’re also supporting more users and increasingly complex queries, all in shorter time frames. Here’s how to make sure yours is ready to scale.

Oct 14 2009

True upgrades its Data Warehouse

Preparing for 3G licensing and the highly competitive convergence market is forcing many large telecom operators to upgrade their data warehouse and billing systems.

May 12 2009

Infiniband and the Enterprise

In 2008, Oracle released the Oracle Database Machine. LGR Telecommunications is one Customer demonstrating just what type of data demands are calling for such high performance database solutions.

Mar 16 2009

Gartner BI Summit - US

Oracle Customers LGR and Wind River shared their experiences using the HP Oracle Database Machine and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.

Feb 27 2009

Exadata Summit - Tokyo

Grant Salmon, CEO of LGR Telecommunications, discusses his organization's use of Oracle Exadata during the Exadata Summit in Tokyo, Japan.

Feb 01 2009

Extreme Query Performance

For companies dealing with data overload, HP and Oracle have partnered to create the Database Machine that speeds query times and supports efficient scalability in the data warehouse.

Jan 27 2009

Gartner BI Summit - EU

Grant Salmon, the CEO of LGR Telecommunications, spoke about his company’s experience with the Oracle Database Machine and highlighted some very significant benefits.

Jan 05 2009

Light-Speed Performance

LGR Telecommunications is a company that knows something about the performance of large data warehouses, but even they were a bit surprised when they benchmarked the new Oracle Exadata.

Jan 01 2009

Launching Performance

“When it comes to speed, Oracle Exadata technology has changed the game completely,” says Grant Salmon, CEO of LGR Telecommunications (LGR).

Sep 25 2008

LGR Test Drives Oracle Database Machine

LGR has been working with a Database Machine for over a year, while the kinks were still being ironed out. Chief architect Hannes van Rooyen says it's an ideal design for taking on massive data loads with rapid cycle times.

Sep 24 2008

Oracle's Hardware Business

In what can only be described as an "extreme" keynote, Larry Ellison, Oracle's chief executive officer, announced here this afternoon that Oracle is no longer just a software company.

Jan 30 2008

LGR at Vodafone Fiji

LGR Telecommunications (LGR) and Emagine International have partnered to win a multi‐million dollar deal to provide an integrated data warehouse and campaign management solution for Vodafone Fiji.

Sep 01 2007

Not the Usual Suspects

LGR is tapping directly into the pulse of the network. A key aspect of the company’s success has been its ability to show businesses what that pulse means in financial and strategic terms.

Jul 02 2007

LGR delivers iPhone intelligence

LGR Telecommunications is partnering with US network giant AT&T to capture all call data records (CDRs) related to the newly launched Apple iPhone, and deliver a bouquet of reports to both AT&T and Apple Inc.

Apr 30 2006

Ringing in Real Intelligence

LGR Telecommunications is unlocking the data traditionally stored in billing systems to provide the key to Customer retention, reduced expenses, Customer self-service and overall competitive advantage.