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LGR's Superior Vision System Is Fast Becoming The Rising Star In The Ongoing Battle Against Crime In Africa

With another successful Vision installation in February 2015 on its portfolio, LGR is emerging as a strong ally in Africa’s fight against crime and corruption.

The customer requirements were quite specific; they wanted “access to the dates, times and places of where crimes were taking place”, and they needed that information in “near real-time”. With this in mind, LGR implemented a Vision system in a completely virtualized environment hosted on 6 servers, using NetApp storage.

Vision is a state-of-the-art system designed and optimized specifically for the fraud, legal interception, data retention and forensics industries. It offers high performance and significantly longer data retentions than any other comparable systems, world-wide. Since it was implemented on national and carrier levels, the amount of data being made available to the client through Vision is hugely significant in our customer’s efforts to not only detect patterns but also to anticipate behaviour. With users having direct access to relevant information, results are rapidly exported and sent to the necessary personnel for further investigation; and this is how they have begun to effectively curb fraudulent and criminal activity.

According to LGR, [we are] “confident that Vision will enable organizations to effectively combat security threats in an informed, effective manner through [the] accelerated access to information.”