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LGR's Vision System Changes From A Distributed To A Centralized Architecture

A Vision installation performed in January 2016 was significant because of a changed approach to the system architecture. The centralization of data transfers from telecommunications providers and the subsequent transfers to multiple instances of customers and systems using this data, enables users to quickly and effectively access, analyse and store business-critical information, and effectively eliminates the need for external hardware maintenance or support (excluding connectivity).

In her write-up regarding IT centralization vs decentralization, Melissa Beck from the Emporia State University, wrote “ Centralized approaches are effective in gaining or regaining control over an organization’s information system. [Successful] Information Systems professionals providing highly reliable operations maintain such systems.”

And indeed, such a system has many benefits to the customer, for example, a reduction in the amount of interaction required with telecommunications operators, a reduction in the amount of hardware required, a reduction in maintenance and running costs, and the provision of a single, central server for the application and processes.

According to LGR’s Business Development Manager, Ayanda Dlamini, Vision’s centralization capabilities harness the power of comprehensive views of the analytics, operational information, and incidence response to drive more informed and more focussed planning and response in times where urgency is paramount. The Vision centralized environment  reduces information access time to the order of minutes, compared to hours and days using methods analysts followed previously.”