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LGR Breaking New Ground with Greenplum

LGR is constantly exploring the potential of increasing its client base and adapting to the changing needs of its existing clients. Until recently, smaller enterprise customers were unable to afford the LGR offerings. Potential clients wanted to move away from the Oracle database solution with its massive licensing fees, to a cheaper solution that would still provide the reliability of LGR’s state-of-the-art products suite.

LGR’s research and investigation convinced them to explore the feasibility of expanding their database structures from Oracle (and its costly license fees), to a cheaper, but nonetheless, reliable database. Testing was performed to compare the loading speeds between CDRs being loaded into Oracle as opposed to those being loaded in a PostgreSQL/Greenplum database. During this initial testing, LGR also investigated what development changes would have to be implemented if Oracle would be replaced.

LGR’s Senior Team Lead Developer in South Africa, Cobus Buys, confirmed that the results were very promising. “We were getting the usual Oracle ballpark figures in terms of loading speeds. This is very encouraging because we haven’t done any additional optimization – we tested it as is, [and it was] vanilla out of the box.” With continued testing, development and enhancements, LGR is confident that this collaboration will translate directly into more customers, because of greater affordability.

As a registered corporate contributor to Greenplum’s open source development group, LGR has access to the various forums and inside news and views, including technical roadmaps and knowledge. During this initial phase of testing, LGR Developers liaised with Greenplum developers on certain issues. Greenplum Developers were, however, surprised that LGR manages continuous bulk loading on a DB, which goes to prove, yet again, that LGR is still doing things differently from the mainstream, giving them the leading edge in ETL and Datawarehousing solutions.

The allure of Greenplum for LGR is that, through Pivotal, it provides a database in the cloud concept that eliminates the need for on-premises databases and other costly hardware peripherals, thus providing their clients with significant returns on investment.