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CDRlive V4

LGR’s core business centers on CDRlive, a carrier-grade solution that seamlessly fuses ETL, DW and BI within a single, end-to-end system, and further integrates other OSS/BSS systems to form a highly robust Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solution.

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Carrier-Grade Architecture

The CDRlive architecture is designed specifically for the DW requirements of global network operators.  It is built from the ground up to manage high data volumes, massive scalability, diverse data feeds and types, mixed workload environments and intensive user demand – all within a real-time, carrier-grade system.

Telco Data Model

The unique CDRlive Telco Data Model takes a fresh, “bottom up” approach to telco EDW rollouts.  Its foundation is network usage data (e.g. CDRs, SS7 probes etc.), the most crucial data to any operator.  Added to this by incremental expansion are “first-line” telco systems data (e.g. Billing, HLR, etc.) and broader enterprise systems (e.g. CRM, Financials etc.).

Market-Leading Performance

CDRlive offers telco operators market-leading performance in all areas.  Its ETL processes have been proven to operate at a rate in excess of 150,000 rows per second in production, while its DW infrastructure scales effortlessly to hundreds of terabytes while supporting thousands of concurrent users.  This ETL performance is achieved while the system is operating in real time.

Best-of-Breed COTS

CDRlive Customers have the dual benefit of using an open architecture based on best-of-breed IT components (e.g. Oracle DBMS, HP/Sun/Exadata hardware), while having the system delivered as an end-to-end Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) offering with a single global partner for development and support.