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CDRlive RapidReport is a whole new way of leveraging CDRlive within your business.  Unlike the traditional model of purchasing, installing and operating a CDRlive system, RapidReport is a subscription-based service, allowing Customers to ‘rent’ a portion of a centrally hosted CDRlive system.

RapidReport takes advantage of the rapidly growing ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) or Cloud approach, where business applications are licensed under a subscription model, deployed off-site, and accessed remotely via a secure network connection.  The benefits to this approach are immediately clear – there are no upfront IT constraints or investments, a far more rapid time to value, and typically a lower and more manageable cost structure.

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How it works

RapidReport delivers a simple, fast-moving process to obtain unique Network Intelligence from your existing network data (e.g. CDRs, SS7 probe data etc.).

  • LGR engineers conduct a preliminary Customer workshop to capture business requirements, network-specific parametersn and obtain sample network data.
  • After a review of the sample data, the Customer is provided with sample reports as well as a “menu” of analysis and reporting options, based upon what is available in the data.
  • Having chosen from the menu, Customers transmit a full load of network data to the RapidReport gateway servers via a choice of secure mechanisms – either over the network or via physical media.
  • RapidReport utilizes a dedicated instance of CDRlive software (hosted within the LGR Data Center in Atlanta, GA) to process and enrich the data in the traditional fashion, distilling from it the highly granular Network Intelligence.
  • RapidReport makes the Network Intelligence available to end users through a variety of formats – traditional static reports, interactive web portals and dashboards, or even through integration with leading BI suites (e.g. MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Oracle BI, SAS, IBM Cognos etc.)

RapidReport vs. Onsite CDRlive

The main difference between RapidReport and a traditional CDRlive system is the ownership – instead of owning the physical CDRlive system, Customers are renting capacity within a centrally hosted system that is managed by LGR.  The table below provides further detail in this regard. 

   Onsite CDRlive  RapidReport
 Hardware  Owned, Provisioned onsite  Hosted by LGR - no costs
 Software  Licensed, Provisioned onsite  Hosted by LGR - no license fee
 Implementation  Possibly months  Days
 IT Maintenance  Provisioned onsite by Customer  Provisioned by LGR
 Support Staff  Provisioned onsite by Customer  Provisioned by LGR
 Costs  Capital  Pay-per-use

NOTE: RapidReport utilizes best-of-breed hardware and exactly the same CDRlive Enterprise Edition application software that Customers are able to purchase outright, including all fully-featured ETL, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence modules.  It is not a ‘lite’ version of the product, and there are no restrictions in terms of features or functionality.


Customers can choose between two different pricing options to ensure the best fit to their business needs:

  1. "Pay-as-you-go" – ideal for first-time or ad-hoc users – this provides the flexibility of accessing the service and paying only for the level of usage
  2. Monthly Subscription – perfect for regular Customers – this provides the guarantee of best available rates and an SLA-driven service.

NOTE: Customers are able to switch between pricing options without penalty.


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