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Advanced Analytics

LGR has launched CDRlive Everywhere, a telco-specific advanced analytics toolset based on the MiscroStrategy platform.  The Everywhere product provides a layer on top of CDRlive that gives users access to all network usage information, in an easy to use data model.  The data objects can easily be manipulated by the user for everyday reports, but advanced users are also catered for in the feature rich MicroStrategy toolset.  The ability to provide reports to tablets and smartphone users is just another facet of the platform, that satisfies the demand for analysis wherever the user might be.

Everywhere is a highly powerful and extensible analysis and dashboard toolset that allows business users to unlock hidden value within CDRlive data, adding context and meaning to it to drive the business in ever-more profitable directions. 

Everywhere leverages the formidable functionality of the MicroStrategy Intelligent Server, and provides a wide range of detailed and highly functional dashboards that allow users to explore data at any level of granularity, to have it presented to them in a user-friendly and highly interactive manner, and to have the ability to perform deeper analysis through ad-hoc query capabilities.  The extensibility of Everywhere ensures that while the most important dashboard views are available as out-the-box functionality, the system can also be tailored easily to include customized dashboards, alerts for exception reporting, and can integrate seamlessly with other enterprise solutions.

Business Intelligence Uses

The net result is that while CDRlive has its foundations in the network, it ultimately exports this engineering accuracy in the form of highly valuable Business Intelligence to every corner of the business.  Examples of how CDRlive is used by leading Customers include the following:

  • Network: Traffic analysis, Capacity Planning, Fault Reporting, KPIs etc.
  • Marketing: Campaign Management, Competitive Analysis, Churn Management, SNA etc.
  • Finance: Revenue Assurance, Inter-Carrier Billing, Least-Cost Routing etc.
  • Product/Service Management: Device Launch, Tariff Modeling etc.
  • Customer Care: Customer Experience Management, Retention, Retail Support etc.
  • Legal and Regulatory: Fraud Investigations, Data Retention Requirements etc.

Advanced Analytics Applications

CDRlive Advanced Analytics is a powerful suite of predictive analytics and modeling solutions that have been engineered and proven in the toughest of competitive climates.  Pre-built as commercial off-the-shelf offerings, CDRlive Advanced Analytics solutions have been delivering real value - hundreds of millions of dollars annually - when most other solutions have yet to make it beyond the drawing board.

Existing production examples include the following:

Competitor Analysis

Advanced B-number analysis and subscriber modeling provide detailed views into past, current and future competitor activity at a national, regional, market and sub-market level.  Measures include market share, gross/net adds, disconnects, share of net adds, churn rates etc., with results proven to be more than 99.9% accurate.

Churn Prediction

CDRlive data is combined with data from supplementary sources to produce models that rank subscribers’ propensity to churn according to more than 7,000 behavioral characteristics.  Current production solutions have provided incremental lift to existing churn models, as well as unlocked new areas of churn analysis that were previously overlooked by operators.

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

LGR uses its SNA solution to link subscribers based on their CDR interactions as well as profiling of supplementary data such as names, family plans etc.  Using both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ links to define socially bound networks and their behavior, SNA results are invaluable inputs for churn mitigation, viral marketing campaigns, Customer acquisition and retention, and identification of competitive weaknesses or threats.