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Data Warehouse

CDRlive provides a massively scalable, high-performance DW architecture that is unmatched anywhere in the world.  The core DW makes use of LGR’s proprietary high-performance data model for the storage of data, and is specifically designed to facilitate simultaneous real-time loading and query.  It uses industry leading databases such as Oracle 10g/11g and Teradata and includes cluster capability, Partitioning and Parallel Query.

Customers are provided with guarantees over DW performance, giving them confidence in a system that won't falter in terms of growth or performance.  For example, the world’s largest production CDRlive system has the following characteristics:

Loading Speeds Loads 46,500 rows per second average; 157,000 rows per second peak
DW Size 2 x 310 TB at 2 physically separate sites; 1.2 PB total DW storage
DW Velocity Cycles 270 TB every 90 days
DW Users Up to 2,500 concurrent; 200+ Super Users (PL/SQL, SAS Data Mining)
Support Team 2 DBAs, 3 Application Support (LGR provided)

Enterprise Data Warehouse

An end-to-end CDRlive implementation rapidly becomes the most trusted and used data source across the enterprise.  Customers often point to a few key points that are crucial in turning this IT investment into business success:

  • Census-level data: The business is guaranteed of a 100% complete and correct data set for every event on every network for every device used by every subscriber.
  • Highly granular: The business is provided with deep dive views down to network node level, subscriber level, and even raw records. 
  • Highly accurate: The business has the assurance that data quality is guaranteed by CDRlive through automated, real-time monitoring and full audit trails.

The CDRlive data model allows for rapid expansion to a true EDW model with the incorporation of multiple feeds from other enterprise systems, including:

  • Billing
  • HLR and Provisioning
  • Customer Data
  • Device Data
  • Enterprise Apps (e.g. ERP, CRM)
  • Other OSS/BSS

The CDRlive system also integrates seamlessly with the Oracle Communications Data Model (OCDM) using pre-built, highly configurable schemas.  This capability allows network operators to take advantage of CDRlive’s rapid time-to-value while still leveraging pre-existing Oracle investments.